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with Glynis Bretherton

Welcome to the Mind Care Podcast with Clinical Hypnotherapist, counsellor, and educator Glynis Bretherton.
The Mind Care Podcast presents an in-depth look at human potential. Discover insights from those who work creatively with the mind, brain and body.
The Mind Care Podcast - where the mind, brain and body meet.
Get ready to open your mind!
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Glynis Bretherton is a qualified counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist, educator and clinical supervisor of practicing hypnotherapists. Glynis has a particular interest in the relationship of the mind, brain and body and what this means to human potential. Glynis is the director of Hypnotherapy Training College Australia and Mind Care Podcast. She has developed various courses in clinical hypnotherapy. She has a broad range of students, some being, mental health care practitioners, nurses, doctors, social workers, teachers and coaches. Glynis teaches in Australia and overseas. She has facilitated workshops for mental health care organisations, university, at a private hospital, and business network group. On numerous occasions, she has been invited to discuss clinical hypnotherapy on talkback radio.





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